30 Days of UNLIMITED Email-Based Coaching for $197

I’m introvert. It’s likely you’re an introvert too. Video-based and phone-based coaching are not a sustainable practice for me. However, I’ve had many requests for coaching, but have turned them down until now. Using this all-email approach, I now offer coaching to a select group of people who may benefit from some one-on-one interaction with me. Let me put my 25+ years of creative marketing and content strategies to work for you.

This type of coaching is not for everyone, I understand. But if you are interested in working with me, one-on-one, this is the only way to do it.

Although the coaching is unlimited, the criteria are specific, so please read this page thoroughly before enrolling.

How does unlimited email-based coaching work?

  • You can ask an unlimited number of questions per month, but you can only ask one question per email
  • If you ask more than one question, I’ll answer the one I feel is most-important
  • I answer these questions personally and do my best to answer promptly, but if you ask a question outside of my normal waking hours, you’ll get a reply the following day
  • I will not do the work for you, but I will help you clarify, re-order, point you in the right direction, and make suggestions
  • The coaching is 100% money-back guaranteed. If you spend the next 30 days with me and you’re not happy, you get a refund
  • If you enroll in the coaching program, but you ‘forget’ to use it, or you don’t choose to ask a question, you will NOT qualify for a refund. Unused coaching will not be carried-forward into the next month. Please do not enroll if you are unsure you’ll use the coaching
  • I will send you one ‘welcome’ email, but after that I will not remind you to participate. The amount which you use this coaching program is up to you
  • Each email question must be self-contained. Please do not send me links to click, articles to read, or anything external beyond the email. External work is beyond the scope of this program
  • The 30-day clock will start the day you purchase the program
  • Feel free to ask your first question right-away, even if I have yet to reach out
  • I have no staff of any kind, so although when I say it’s unlimited, I mean it, please be patient and kind. I take great time and thought in generating each response
  • If I feel we are not a good match, or that I cannot, in good conscience, help you, I will provide a refund
  • Again, if you do not participate in (or forget about) the coaching you do not qualify for the ‘Happy Client Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee’

What kind of questions can I help you with?

  • General marketing and content questions
  • Developing a daily work flow or work process for your creative practice
  • Idea-generation for a new course, book, or product
  • Specific email content questions
  • Marketing strategy to grow your next product
  • Choosing a client niche to serve
  • Developing an overall business/publishing strategy for growth
  • Critiquing a single email
  • Help to improve a title, hook, or theme of a project

Where I probably can’t serve you

  • Plotting and overall writing quality improvement (I am not a writing coach. There are many better writing teachers out there)
  • Editing your book or manuscript (I will be happy to help you with strategy and big picture issues, however)
  • Helping with advertising campaigns (I may do ads in the future, but for ads, I’m not your guy)
  • Personal life coaching. This is strictly a program to help you grow or establish your creative practice as a business
  • Using my audience to promote your work
  • Creating book covers, web design, or building your course for you
  • Helping you go viral on social media (There are plenty of better experts available on this topic)
  • If you want to get rich quick or need money ASAP (This is about building a life-long creative practice. There is nothing overnight about what I teach)

Again, this is coaching. I’m here as a guide and mentor, bringing my 25+ years of creative marketing experience to the table. I will not do the work for you, but I will make suggestions and help point you in a direction I feel will help improve your project or practice. You are responsible for acting on these suggestions and recommendations. You are also 100% responsible for your own financial and business decisions, based on my recommendations. As I do not have direct control of your own creative work.

So, if after reading all the fine print, I haven’t scared you away, and email-based coaching sounds like something you are interested in, hit the big orange button and let’s get started!

30 Days of Unlimited Email Coaching for $197